“Your destiny is being the world’s greatest Mom and bringing together families with Fragile X so they have the support system we didn’t when we first found out.”  Jennifer Grantman

These were my daughter’s words of wisdom to me after we listened to a church sermon together.  The Pastor encouraged us to go after our destiny whatever it may be, to not let ourselves be “leashed” and held back from our full potential.  He added that God has a plan for all of us (don’t all of us carriers know that!), and it includes great things. It was a powerful message, and more importantly, it was powerful for me to hear that my daughter had an appreciation for what I do at this stage of my life.

My hope is that everyone in our lives will unleash themselves and continue raising awareness and providing support to others who may need it.  There is no greater happiness in life than what we feel when we help another person…well maybe learning that your child appreciates when you help others.  OXOX

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