Fifty Fifty Chance

Okay so, the Joshman is verbal (some boys with Fragile X are not, but we worked very hard and paid speech therapists lots of money early on to make it happen).  While he can say almost any word in the English language, and some Spanish as well thanks to his girlfriends at the grocery store, he has only about a fifty fifty chance of saying the right thing at the right moment. 


An Introduction: Who Knew a Tiny Little X Chromosome Would Have Such an Impact?

In my continuing journey to learn and properly deal with the challenges associated with my son who has Fragile X Syndrome and Autism, I've started reading blogs written by others with similar journeys.  One thing I noticed immediately, the most active bloggers are the ones with younger children.  Josh is 16 (almost 17) and he is quite the BIG dude.  I'm hoping to start a new trend and talk about our life with "The X Factor After Little Becomes Big."