“Your destiny is being the world’s greatest Mom and bringing together families with Fragile X so they have the support system we didn’t when we first found out.”  Jennifer Grantman


National Fragile X Awareness Day

National Fragile X Awareness Day

Oh, I'm aware alright.  I'm aware that every day is a monumental challenge for my son who was born with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism. 


The Carriers

For some reason, I seem to get hints from my universe to take better care of myself -- me, the carrier who cares for the teenager with Fragile X Syndrome.  These karma-type things usually happen in threes, and yesterday was no exception.


Downer Day was Ridiculous!

I am about to discuss my downer day yesterday, so for any Mom’s raising FX kids who are squeamish about hearing despairing things later in life, please exit this blog and move on to a brighter, more positive place in your world. 


Defying Statistics - Amazing!

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my marriage lately.  My husband’s dedication and love for me, his Fragile X carrier wife, and Josh, our son who is severely affected with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism, has been unwavering and simply amazing.  Sometimes I get caught up in the day-to-day challenges and lose track of making sure he knows how important he is in my life….not just his paycheck, but HIM and what he adds to this family.


The Fog Has Lifted!

When I started this new blogging adventure in December, I committed to myself that I would write something at least once every month of the year.  So here I am on the very last day of February putting my fingers to the keys.  It's not that I don't enjoy it; I do.  It's that I don't want to write until I have something positive to say, and I want it to always be a relevent journal entry.  Since I have found myself plunged into advocacy work this week, I believe that the fog has lifted and I found my relevent topic by default.


Simplicity is a Beautiful Thing

Before, during and after the holidays, I watch others around me rushing around to get things done -- find the perfect gifts, decorate the inside and outside of their homes and offices, plan menus, attend parties, mail Christmas cards, stand in long lines for pictures with Santa; and the list goes on and on.  For our family the holidays have evolved into a beautiful moment of simplicity.